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davos, switzerland, where the world's economic forum is taking place. the mood of davos, where will the global economy go next and what will it mean to your portfolio as the u.s. stock market sets a new five-year high. >>> i'll have any candid conversation with outspoken jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon. we'll talk real estate, banking, his pay cut. >> we had run terrible year. >>> and she's called the oprah of china. remarkable entrepreneur who runs a media empire and reaches more than 200 million people a month. "on the money" begins right now. >>> this is america's number one financial news program, "on the money." now, maria bartiromo. >> this is what's making news as we head into a new week "on the money." washington has a new watchdog for wall street. president obama has nominated mary jo white the head of securities and exchange commission. white is a former prosecutor with a reputation for toughness. she will replace mary schapiro and must still be confirmed by the senate. timothy geithner spent his last day as secretary on friday, stepping down after a tumultuous four ye
forum in davos, switzerland. you just heard my interview with eric cantor. one of the most influential congressman. christine romans is the host of "your bottom," john avlon, contributor, and margaret hooven is a cnn contributor and consultant. congressional approval ratings were the lowest in history in 2012, they stand at 14% right now according to the most recent numbers from gallup. did anything you heard from eric cantor make you feel that 2013 is going to be a more productive legislative year, a more productive year in congress? >> well, let's be fair, ali. they've just stopped using the debt ceiling as a bargaining tool and decided to put it off for three months and try to negotiate. we can all admit that is a proactive, constructive, positive step in the right direction. you would agree with that. secondly, he did promise to say we will work towards health care entitlement reform in a bipartisan way. you heard it. i heard it. let's see if they can move on it. some folks are shaking their heads, don't believe it, but he said it to you. let's hold him to it. >> we'll see. i asked
gathering in davos, switzerland. wednesday, january 23, 2013. and "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ >>> welcome to "squawk box" on cnbc, i'm becky quick with ross westgate. andrew is reporting from switzerland. that's why we've got the mountain music. we'll get to andrew in a moment. first, the top stories. the common theme here quarterly results, shares of google getting a boost. earnings and revenue topping consensus and perhaps more important metrics, revenue from google's core internet business. it outpaced many analysts' expectations. advertising rates fell less than in proves periods. as you see, the stock was up -- this morning up almost 5% in the premarket. ibm shares jumping after the bell. earnings and revenue beating the street, as well. the world's largest technology services company offering a better than expected outlook for 2013. that stock, as you see, up by 4% in the premarket. also, we had advanced microdevices. it came in with a smaller than expected loss in the fourth quarter. the shares were rising in the after-hours trading. you see this morning down about
his criticism of eu integration at the world economic forum in davos. >> gender equality in the united states -- the pentagon lifts its ban on women in front line and combat roles. >> on the chopping block, germany's second-largest bank plans to fire up to 10% of its work force. the european union is at a crossroads, and the british prime minister, david cameron, says if the blockheads towards the centralized political union, then it is not for him and not for britain. >> german chancellor angela merkel has chosen her words very carefully, responding at the world economic forum in davos by voicing conditional optimism as far as europe's future goes. she says that patience is needed for structural reforms to take effect. >> she has also called for more regulation of the finance industry to avoid more turbulence, a point of contention with britain. both agree that competitiveness is the key, but how to go about that is the big question. >> david cameron brought his message with him to the swiss alps. in his address to the world leaders in doubles, he repeated his demands for big changes
. >> thanks so much for joining us. how would you describe the mood in davos and how would you see the economy today five years post the crisis? >> it's a strange mood in davos, where people are not euphoric. in fact, you talk to heads of multinational corporations, businesspeople around the world, they say, you know, things aren't even as good as i thought they would be this quarter, but they're calmer. there's a feeling that the world is not going to fall apart. you hear more about geopolitical risk, cyber security, d less about europe's going to blow up tomorrow. >> so, you're not seeing over enthusiasm but it's certainly better than a year ago? >> yes, it's definitely, definitely calmer. their theme here is resilient. yes, and dynamism, not so much. guess what i thought about the global economy. i actually think that growth will be moderate with not necessarily a lot of volatility around that. that it might be better, might be worse. >> see, i'm hearing a lot of positives about the u.s. economy if washington can get its act together, but europe is still a big issue. what do you think about
>>> hello and welcome to today's edition of "worldwide exchange." from davos, i'm ross westgate. >> i'm kelly evans in london. these are your headlines from around the world -- british prime minister david cameron promises to hold a referendum on the e.u. warning that a concession for the democratic leadership is wafer thin. >> if we don't address these challenges, the danger is that europe will fail and the british people will drift toward the exit. >>> google could light a fire under u.s. markets today as the giant's fourth quarter profits top forecasts on higher ad revenues. >>> and here in davos, bank ceos fight back against regulators in an exclusive cnbc debate, apologizing to scandals of the past but defiant it the role of the industry. >> i think there's so much misinformation out there that's used aggressively by people for their own purposes. we provide a service to you. we make a little money every time we do it. that's what happens. >>> and ceo confidence down for a third year in a row according to a survey here. despite markets hitting multiyear highs with lack of d
. a perennial all-star in davos. richard, give our viewers a look at what this place, davos, and the world economic forum is really like. where in world are we? davos is europe's highest city, located in the eastern part of switzerland in the alps. most of us flew into zurich and then took three trains to get here. it is, however, a really beautiful place, known for great skiing and upscale hotels. it's also really expensive in january. i've been eating pizza all too much this week, 25 bucks for a little pizza, $13 far pint of here in this town. it's costly. >> laundry, three shirts, four pairs of small, and a few socks, about $100. >> yeah. it's very expensive. >>st unbelievable. >> you've got the top 1% of the 1% who are here. but mixed in you have great business people, entrepreneurs, academics and intellectuals. they've all come around to some ideas. >> and they have, and they've all got a point to make. howard ludnick, for example, the head of cantor fitzgerald. everybody's worried about europe. l ludnick's worried about the u.s. >> the republican party who was elected to control the
in davos. ross, maria and everyone has been asking banks do they play to raise more capital? ross, what do they have to say about that? >> well, look, there's a lot of folks. what was interesting is when we spoke to the barclay's ceo mr. jenkins this morning said the whole industry when they were growing revenues didn't have to worry too much about costs. now they have to focus on the cost side of the business, which we know they're going to have a transformal plan and that's what they're going to be doing, as well. . capital requirements, how much capital is right when you're still going through periods of contracting growth because, obviously, the higher capital you have, there is less money to lend. so we'll be talking about that. but right now, we want to switch gears slightly and let's introduce our next guest. first on cnbc, marian deckers, the ceo of bayern. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> thanks for joining us. i was looking at your stock price from last year. up 46% driven a lot by health care. the head of your health care unit this morning, mr. reinhart, is off to nevada.
>>> hello. you're watching cnbc's "worldwide exchange" from davos. i'm ross westgate. and i'm kelly evans. these are your on headlines from around the world. mostly green arrows across wall street today as we near the 1500 mark on the s&p 500. and a 0.1% contraction is expected for the german economy in the fourth quarter. those figures will be out in just under 30 minutes. >>> the governors of the banks of italy -- trade in siena. and imf's christine legarde tells us that central bank stimulus is still needed. >> we have the central bank on the one hand which have done quite a lot, which have been the fireman, in a way. and you have the policymakers on the other hand particularly in the eurozone who have made some progress and need to keep the momentum. >> now, any minute now, we're expecting the results from germany's ifo institute. january business climate index survey is expected to rise to a reading of 103 from 102.4 in december. this, of course, follows an increase in expectations in the dew survey earlier this week. we've seen an increase in the pmi surveys for germany over t
of the company at the world economic forum in davos, switzerland. >> if i were to tell you that you could get the glory of creating a life saving drug, but it would take you a minimum of 15 years and a billion dollars, would you still do it? the people at merck do it every single day. i'm joined now by the chairman, president, and ceo, ken fri -- frazier. you like that intro. >> i did, it describes what we're all about. >> whether the health care act crimps innovation and the generic picture snapping what you worked hard to make. do you have and antidepressant dote to -- antedote to let viewers know what it takes to develop a drug? >> absolutely. there's a number of them. what i think about to share with the viewers is a drug off patent is singular. they worked on that molecule for more than 20 years before it reached the market. it was an incredibly important innovation, and among other things, it was a pill useful for children who need a mild, but effective drug. >> that was -- is a block buster drug for you, $5 billion in sales; correct? >> right, but it's off pa tent now in the united sta
. anthony mason is at the davos meeting of world bankers in switzerland and, anthony, what's behind the surge? >> reporter: well, scott, it's been fueled by the improving economic picture. new numbers out today show that new home sales jumped 20% last year. unemployment claims have been falling steadily. all that has ordinary investors who fled the market in fear five years ago now jumping back in. look what's happened. in the past two weeks, nearly $15 billion has poured into stock mutual funds. that's the largest inflow since 2001. now, here in davos, nearly all of the bankers and business leaders that i've been talking to are more optimistic about the u.s. economy. here's what ken frazer, c.e.o. of the pharmaceutical giant merck, had to say. >> i think the u.s. economy is poised to take off. i think it's been through some tough times. i think it's the strongest economy in the world. i think the big challenge for us is to come up with long-term solutions to the debt and deficit situation that will create greater certainty for people to make investments. >> reporter: the c.e.o. of
'm fareed zakaria coming to you from davos, switzerland. i interviewed one king, seven prime ministers and one head of government. we'll see them in coming weeks. this week one king and one prime minister. we'll start with the king of jordan, abdullah ii. his nation sits in turmoil between syria, egypt, iraq and saudi arabia. despite some protests, jordan hasn't had its own arab spring. everyone was watching the parliamentary elections this week. will they satisfy protesters or inflame them? we'll get the king's reaction. then, the prime minister of r h russia dmitry medvedev. some call it a new cold war. who's to blame and will russia help in syria? we'll discuss it all. >>> also, the algerian hostage crisis that left dozens dead. is this a sign of a grave, new terror threat? i'll tell you my view. >>> but, first, here's my take. every year at davos people like me try to get a sense of the mood of the place. take the temperature of people in this frosty mountain resort. obviously, i will give you a highly impressionistic and personal picture, but one i find useful since davod does br
to the closing bell" begins right now. liz claman is on assignment at the world economic forum in davos, switzerland where she is real and the biggest names in business starting with the chairman and ceo of etna, talking about health care spending and impact on the fiscal cliff. wait till you hear what he says about the flu outbreak. and then it is the smart phone revolution. qualcomm wants to the part of a shift toward value funds, particularly in china and other emerging markets. we will get the inside scoop from qualcomm chairman and ceo paul jacobs. stocks near the best levels of the day trading at five year highs. take a look at markets which are trending higher. are you tired of seeing stocks go up? look at the dow, higher by 77 points and nasdaq by 17 antaeus and the higher by three points. we will take you through the close. one more hour in this trading day. then there is ibm, best performer on the dow adding roughly 73 points. shares are up almost 5%, more than $9. quarterly earnings beating estimates. big blue also uping its 2013 forecast, stronger demand for services. google
were screened on imax. do we have a connection here? liz claman is in davos, switzerland with the ceo of imax. liz? liz macdonald we're in davos. how much did the swiss like the "the avengers" or breaking down ii? more importantly for the company like imax, how much did the chinese like these films? imax has 99 screens. they're growing in china and everywhere else in the world it seems. we're joined by the ceo of imax, rich gelfond. what was one of the more popular movies in china? >> surprisingly somewhat because it was an old movie, "titanic". jim cameron went back and released it in 3d all over the world. they didn't see it first time. it was new. and it was "titanic". it was a similar reaction to the rest of the world had the first time which was really surprising to us and to the whole chinese film industry. liz: i remember when "avatar" came out three or four years ago. you and i were sitting in davos and how chinese were scalping imax tickets for 90 you can s just to see this movie. is there behavior still there? is there a premium people will pay in imax and more? >> the good
in davos, he tells cnbc that several years worth of revamping efforts are beginning to pay off. >> over the last year, we've simplified the company a lot the. we've become smaller, we've become simpler. >> corbat took over in october after the resignation of chief vickram pandit. >> very sharp in the stripes. >> yeah. >> the gegco, do we have a shot at him? >> no. >> that looks pretty good. there's product in there. what do you think, it's water? there is product. and, you know -- >> davos, they tend to walk out with wet hair and it turns to ice. >> but people don't look that good in davos, normally. >> that's true. >> he looks like a banker there. i think he has a lot of potential as far as his looks go. in the world economic forum in davos is in full swing. let's get to andrew buzzing in the mountains of switzerland. you're a big apple-phile, too. >> you're hoping people look good in davos? what's going on here? >> i was going to -- >> we have a very, very -- we have a beautiful, gorgeous guest to my left right now. >> guest. >> jen bista-moyo is here. she is davos woman and here we a
nature. since davos does bring together leaders in government, business, media, even the ngo community from all corners of the world. it is so what is the mood? well, there's a sense of calm, a relief that many storms that seemed like they might be overwhelming, like the euro crisis have been weathered. people from america are optim t optimist optimistic, those from emerging markets more so. but everywhere there is a sense of caution. mpw seeing -- released this week, 452% saw no change from the current tepid economic environment. 28% saw a decline and 18% said things will get better. it is still an improvement from last year, when 48% predicted a decline. the last few years of recovery, followed by slowdowns of political crisis, of new terror attacks from north africa, have made people wary of excessive optimism. these are stable, crises have been contained. there's some growth on the horizon, but no one's ready to declare that we have turned any corners. there are no bulls in davos this year, no countries taking center stage. one symbol of the mood, the big splashy parties that comp
ross sorkin when he joins us live from davos, switzerland. next on "now." [ male announcer ] there's a story behind the silver of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh, local milk, blended with real wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm, to our fridge, in just six days. because we believe in fresh taste. that's the way we set the standard for intensely rich, luscious flavor. so our story of fresh taste always ends... deliciously. when it comes to taste, philadelphia sets the standard. >>> the white house announced today that the president will renominate richard kcordrake and tap mary joe white to lead the s.e.c. as the president tries to bring stability and reform to american financial dealings, republicans seem intent on keeping the country's economy as unstable as possible. the house averted the debt ceiling fight. at least some republicans. 33 members of the house gop still broke rank. by averting, we, of course, mean punting the ticking time bomb three months down the road. >> another 90 days away so we can continue to royle this congress, this country, o
for netflix to see if their big investments are paying off. david: we will head back to davos where lives continue liz o talk to political business leaders. the leader of iceland. you know they were really the canary in the coal mine. the ones who first had trouble with their banking industry in that happened before we did. they really led the way. so what is iceland doing now that could be an indicator of how we might do in the future. also, two hotel tightens in growth mode. we will see how governments can foster even more business and jobs. sandra: what drove the market with the "data download." lawmakers voted to extend the borrowing limit. all three major averages posting gains on the s&p 500 closing up for the sixth straight trading day in a row. technology and telecoms the top performing sectors while materials and energy with the selloff in oil lag. golgold dropping from a one-monh high to end the trading day in the red, the precious metal giving back yesterday's game: $6.50 to settle slightly below $1687 per troy ounce. in the euro, falling to one week low against the u.s. dollar
before he jumps on a plane to davos is coming up next. you cannot afford to miss it. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. liz: so the power mover of the hour is making its wall street debut on the nasdaq today. this is a company that is jumping more than 10%. it is a real estate investment trust. this company particularly specializes in renting out data centers. its initial public offering was priced at $19 a share, well above the expected range of 16 to 18. so adding on to that, looks pretty decent right now. but just so you know, at 20.99 the stock did open at exactly 21. so we're watching this one. not a bad ipo there for that. and since we're on the topic of tech, you really have to stick with fox business next week. i'm going to be in davos switzerland at the world economic for
the stock won't see the 700s ever again. sandra: oh. a lot more from world leaders in davos the president of costa rica tells liz the key to business is favorable taxes. go figure. plus the governor the of the bank of israel on keeping his economy strong and safe in a very volatile region. david: microsoft is out. the numbers are out. adam shapiro, how do they look? >> well it's a beat on earnings, david, but a miss on revenue. earnings, 81 cents per share. the street was expecting 75 cents. revenue 21.46 billion. the street was expecting 21.53 billion. jumping in real quick on the press release they're talking about it, in the last quarter, in the server and tools business, saw increase 8.5 billion. the previouser, server and tools business reported 9.1 billion of revenue. 9% increase from the prior period year-over-year. we'll jump in to see how windows 8 is performing but they're missing on revenue. sandra: we'll keep watching the stock here in after-hours trading. looks like it is getting a little bit of a boost in after-hours trading so we'll keep looking at those numbers. keep in mi
named the european debt crisis. anthony mason is attending a meeting of world bankers in davos, switzerland. >> reporter: how strong do you think the u.s. economy actually is right now? >> i think the u.s. economy wants to be strong. >> reporter: but mary callahan erdoes says the bickering in washington is holding it back. erdos is one of the most powerful women on wall street. as c.e.o. of j.p. morgan asset management, she presides over $1.2 trillion in investments. >> the u.s. has to realize it's got so much going for it. let's just get ourselves to come together as a team, one team running that country, helping to get itself back on stable footing which then cascades to the rest of the world. >> reporter: how much does it hurt the economy if we don't confront this? >> it hurts us tremendously. it hurts the confidence of the u.s., it hurts the confidence of the c.e.o.s to know how do i invest? what are the rules going to be? and we've got to get back to believing that business is good. american business is good. >> reporter: erdoes is making her fourth trip to the world econo
they called inadequate work and pay commissions. the world economic forum is taking place right now in davos. >> in saw the results of dissatisfaction of the street level about unemployment and austerity measures. they are necessary according to angela merkel in her speech yesterday. this is the novels, the world economic forum. the masters of the universe around me. -- this is double isdavos, -- this is davis, the world economic forum. the talk is that the north has money and is feeling of the south. let's speak to the managing director of the european stability fund. is the glass half full or half empty? what has changed over 12 months if anything? >> a lot of things have changed. it has affected the move in davos. a year ago, skepticism about the euro. today, people are happy with what they see. things have improved. there are reasons for that. it is not just a mood swing. there are a least cordial good reasons -- four good reasons. the countries in the south have made real adjustments. exports are growing. the fiscal deficits are getting smaller. that is adjustment of the national level
majority eric cantor speaking with maria from the world economic forum in davos, spids land, "x." >> billion air investor george soros is sounding alarm on a currency war. he made big bucks shorgt the british pound. may want to pay close attention to what he's saying right now. maria's first cnbc interview on him coming up. stay tuned. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. >>> u.s. fiscal policy, of course, a big matter of concern in davos this week at the world economic forum. house majority leader eric cantor sat down with maria one day after the gop-led house v e voted to temporarily lift the debt ceiling. >> thanks so much, bill. we are talking economy and politics wit
soon from davos speaking with citi ceo michael corbat, the first interview since the controversial exit of his predecessor vikram pandit. >> look to that very much. plus a rare interview with controversial billionaire george soros and house majority leader eric cantor is in davos talking about u.s. debt issues and seems to be laying down the gauntlet for the next fight with president obama so we look forward to some very high-profile interviews coming up. >> and guess what our stock of the day is, yeah, you guessed it. it's apple. that stock is down nearly 11%, nearly 12% right now. first gets worse for the iconic company. overdone, a little overexaggerated, all this selling and how much of this has to do with the loss of steve jobs? >> we'll keep an eye on that for you. keep an eye on the major averages. here's how we stand. the dow was up about 100 points at that peak there. then we started to move lower, and you started to get sweaty palms among bulls. what does this mean? if we close lower, that might not be good. started coming back and now a gain of 44 points. another one of those
maria in davos, switzerland. in the meantime let's look at how we finished the day that was here on the street with the dow up by 68 points, the nasdaq up, i think today about the best day in weeks up by about 19 points and the s&p 500 finishing up above 1500 and a gain of 8 points. >> wrap up this week in the markets. back with us once again joe tennie from jp morgan funds. mark travis from intrepid capital funds. joe, you were with us last hour. you're constructive on this market. you want to see it moving higher but maybe we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. joe is not ready yet. eric marshall are you finding value in this market? the hodges funds are big value players. are you finding value even as we sit here at five-year highs for all of these major averages? >> right. i mean, even though we've seen a big move in the market we wouldn't expect, wouldn't be surprised to see some volatility around earnings season, which at the hodges funds we think we can take advantage of as active investors. but, you know, right now you're looking at 15 times earnings for the s&p 500.
delegates. what has really been achieved at the world economic forum in davos. sweet sounds of the underground. how this orchestra was assembled from strangers on london's mass transit system. >> welcome to the program. 30 people have died during protests in the egyptian city of port siad. troops have been sent to try to restore order. it broke up after 61 people were given a death sentence for their roles in the riots. the sentences were handed down in the capital of cairo. their protests with clashes. it's in suez, and people have been killed to mark the second anniversary of the overthrow of hosni mubarak. perce this report from cairo. >> the death sentences were greeted with elation. that is what they wanted. the opposite reaction in were defendants are being held. those sentenced to death our followers are the local club appeared their fellow supporters took to the st. in in europe. attempt to storm the prison were in force in clouds of tear gas and gunfire. protesters and police were killed and dozens of others wounded. bac in cairo, it the fans of al- ahly gathered ju
in davos switzerland where she's been talking to business leaders around the globe. today no different, she's got a big couple of interviews, big interviews coming up. first up, she's got the ceo of dow chemical, andrew liveris. he has some bold ideas on creating more jobs in this country. we need those. then she's going to go one-on-one with bill gates, you know the guy who helped create that little company known as microsoft. liz touches all the bases with him. you cannot afford to miss these interviews. but first to the day on wall street, on this friday, stocks are trading at their best level in more than five years. here we are again, this week appears to be ending on a high note. take a look at the major averages. you have the dow up 51 points, 11th time the dow is up in the last 12 days. take a look at the s&p. s&p moving higher as well, almost a half percent. and that's the fourth week in a row rise for the s&p. and the nasdaq which has had a rougher week because of some technology disappointments like apple, nasdaq is up 21 points right now. consumer discretionary stocks leading th
by the chief financial officer of lenovo over in davos. they are actually acknowledging the fact that they are actually looking at research in motion and many others. the last three months, it is up 130%. next week, on january 30, 2000, we will get the blood very kind. dagen: talk to us, mr. payne, about apple. charles: you know, it was hard to find anything good in there. on iphones, -- the so-called halo effect is kind of fading. ipads were the only thing that beats. ipads are still down from, you know, a year ago. a low margin product. it is still going down anyway. also, a shift to the cheaper urgent. >> here is the thing, this is really what worries a lot of people, you have the revenue, 41-43 billion a year ago. that is not a lot of upside. 37.5-38. they crushed them. connell: for years, to set the bar low. now they claim, whether it was a reasonable -- do you believe that? charles: again, you can have a difference of several tricks that you put out there as guidelines for investors and analysts. you still have to beat them. i appreciate that you told me about your gross ma
that is, in davos. it's january 25th, 2013, and "squawk box" begins right now. >>> good morning, everybody. welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen. andrew ross sorkin is in davos for the world economic forum, good morning, andrew. >> good morning, becks, how are you? >> great. >> we're going to have you come back here next time. >> i don't know. it's cold there. you're doing a great job. >> isn't it colder where you are than it is here? >> it is, but we're inside. we're inside so you're the one who is really toughing things out out there. >> what was that call that you did to him? >> yodel lay-he-hoo. >> what were the calls they did for you? ricola! >> oh, yeah. ricola! >> maybe not. that's a product, isn't it? >> it is, but it has the swiss flag thing on it, too. >> andrew, those long underwear, how many pairs did they send you? let us know what we're dealing with here. are you wearing the same crusty pair at this point? >> no. i've got different pairs for each day. i have the tommy johnes and they are keeping me very, very warm. i can't believe we tal
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that's even more exclusive than the inaugural balls in d.c. we're talking about davos. it's not about the 1%. this is maybe the .01%. one of those people is ali belshi. from capital one, olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? >>> u.s. stock futures are mixed. another big week for corporate earnings. we're going to get fresh home sales numbers at 10:00 a.m. >> the big story is the world economic forum kicks off today in davos, switzerland. our chief business correspondent is there. ali velshi, i love that hat. this year's theme is resilient dine mix. what does that mean? >> reporter: why do you have to ask me the tough questions? i have no idea what that means. in fact, those gathered here
on dwindling union membership, and why it was particularly bad last year. >> plus, liz claman in davos with the ceo of nee son with -- nissan with the company's push to go electric. >> here's a look at its major trading partners. ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. >> 20 minutes past the hour, this is your fox news minute. the chicago warehouse covered in ice from 2002 days of firefighters efforts and sub zero temperatures on fire again. one-third of the windy city's fire department fought the flames in the abandoned warehouse since tuesday night. flames rekipped led thi
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is in davos. we'll hear from her in a little bit and huge earnings due in one hour. topping the list, google and ibm. these are the numbers that could drive the entire market tomorrow. we're going to have what you need to know the moment they come out tonight. >> also, look forward to texas instruments numbers out tonight as well and a new tax on every share of stock you trade. she loves this story. looking more likely in europe. could it be a coming to wall street as well? the cd of td ameritrade will be joining us for that, among other things. earnings and lots more to talk with fred about. >> retail and whether investors are coming back. big nightmare for boeing, the dreamliner with problems and its stock still down. right now the news is not getting any better for the aircraft-maker. >> we've noticed a trend lately. you see some selling in the morning and then buying in the afternoon, and we have often thought of the afternoon trade as the smart money. >> and you see it right there on the intraday chart. i am so old, phil, i remember we introduced the infraday chart, a phenomenon that we
points right now, but both very close to new benchmarks here. >> coming up, maria is in davos talking to ubs chairman axel weber and jpmorgan's jamie dimon about how the big banks are dealing with the brave new world of more regulations and thinner profit margins. >> why isn't jamie wearing an overcoat in. >> that's old video. >> have retailers have enough of luxury shopping, we'll talk to ceo lew frankfort and see what's happening in an interview you'll see right here only on cnbc. >> and don't take your eyes off companile. company set to report earnings at 4:30, all the instant analysis you need right now. >> why wouldn't you want to watch us right now? >> i watch every day. >> thank you. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choos
>>> welcome back. let's get back to andrew in davos. you make a lot of money, too, andrew, when you think about it. >> when you think about it. possibly too much. i might do the job for less. i never thought i'd -- >> what happened to justin timberlake? >> shan parker, he bailed on us. it's almost 3:00 in the afternoon. he's got another party he's hosting tonight in davos. he's flying john legend over to play at the party tonight. i'll try to get a camera in there so we can show some pictures on monday. it's been a great week. optimistic tone here. i should say thank you to everybody, to the huge production crew, they did an awesome, awesome job. thank you, guys. guess who's here. >> that's jim cantore. >> this is jim cantore, mr. weather man himself. he's got the whole thing, thank you. you did very well. >> thank you very much. so did you. >> he told me it was going to be very hard to make snow balls in this weather, right? >> i did. >> andrew -- >> too dry. >> andrew, we can't wait to see you back here. have a safe trip back. that does it for us. "squawk on the street" starts rig
are gathering in the swiss town of davos for annual talks on the global economy. >> this year's meeting will look at ways of building growth and avoiding inflation anmid the debt crisis. >> a lot will be are the ticket in davos. many people will be looking towards it. >> unemployment around the world is likely to only get worse before it gets any better. >> for many, hopelessness has spilled into anchor. another trip to the employment office and another rejection. it is dramatic in countries like spain. they are raising the alarm. employment has skyrocketed. nearly 200 million people were without work get organization expects that number to increase by 5 million during the current year. the ilo says new jobs cannot be created because of the faltering economy and they are urging politicians to do more, for example implementing stimulus programs. >> they support training and retraining for young people in one of the groups hardest hit by the crisis. one-third of the 24 year old's have been without work for six months or longer. let them out to a tug of war that has lasted for years and it
pocket and budget. >>> switching gears. day two of the world economic forum in davos. ali velshi is there, he's hobnobbing, talking to ceos and bankers and kings and princes. and jamie dimon, the ceo of jpmorgan, spoke this morning. what did he say? >> reporter: he said kind of what you were saying. the worst is behind us. we've seen increases in employment, increases in home sales, increases in the stock market. he was basically saying don't dwell on the past, stop being so hard on the bankers and by the way, that whole london wale thing that looked bad for jpmorgan last year, he's sorry about that. listen to how he apologized. >> i just want to point out no customers -- terrible mistake. if you're a shareholder, mighty apologize deeply. but we did have record results and life goes on. >> reporter: that was that big series of trades that cost jp more began billions of dollars he basically waved that off and said don't worry about it. he also talked about critics who say that the banking system is okay. jamie dimon has not only been golden child of the banking industry, but one who has st
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